Top 5 Most Vital Trail Camera Features

What going on Trail Camera Nation?! Jeff Hesketh here with another helpful article on trail cameras to help you find the best, most impactful camera. This list of The Top 5 Most Vital Trail Camera Feature will breakdown the most important things you need to consider when purchasing your next cam.

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Number 5 Most Important Trail Camera Feature

Trigger Speed

Trigger speed is essentially how long it takes a camera to snap a picture once the game has step into the detection zone. Trigger speed is a very important feature no doubt and can be the difference between seeing, or not seeing, particular bucks.

However, it may not be the most important feature on a camera that is placed over a food plot or mineral lick because the game will be in the area for a longer amount of time. This can give a trail camera with a slower trigger speed more time to get the job done.

Number 4 Most Important Trail Camera Feature

Battery Life

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a trail camera can be the number of return trips you make to check the SD card or replace the batteries. The battery life of your trail camera can be substantial if you choose the right trail camera.

Some camera manufacturers state a 1-year (or better) of operation with their camera’s battery life, but in most cases it doesn’t work out that well. Some durations can be as short as a month or even less depending on the amount of activity and surrounding conditions.

Number 3 Most Important Trail Camera Feature

Time Stamp

This feature is probably one of the most important and often over looked. As trail camera technology continue to advance the Time Stamp feature is increasingly overlooked.  The time stamp or date stamp includes factors such as weather, moon phase, barometric pressure, etc.

If your trail camera only gives you the date and time you can use a website such as to look up the conditions during the time of the picture.

Number 2 Most Important Trail Camera Feature

Detection Zone

The “Detection Zone” of a trail camera’s the field of view. This area is where the camera detects movement. Once the camera detects movement, the camera will activate and capture an image or start recording video depending on the setup and configurations of the trail camera.

If the camera is setup too far from the game trail or food source it will be unable to capture an image or video. Having a camera with a large detection zone can be extremely beneficial on picking up game you would other wise not know they were there.

Number 1 Most Important Trail Camera Feature

Lens Quality vs. Trail Camera Megapixels

If you are looking to pick up a trail camera you should pay close attention to megapixel numbers. Keep in mind it’s very important to focus solely on it. Just because a company claims a high number, it doesn’t necessarily mean your images will be high quality.

The reason is simple. Megapixels mean nothing if the lens quality of the camera is low. This is often one of the most unspoken of subjects when it comes to picture quality with trail cameras.


I hope this article on the Top 5 Most Vital Trail Camera Features was helpful. Too often the most basic of camera features are overlooked especially as newer and stronger trail cameras come to market. If you’re looking for a ne  trail camera be sure to visit our review page to take a look at the newest trail cameras on the market.

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