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Hi, my name is Jeff Hesketh and I’ve been hunting for over 20 years in the great state of Maine. I’m an avid bow hunter and I’ve been know to take a deer or two with a rifle as well.

Maine is know for it’s beautiful but has rugged landscape, this can make it hard to locate deer or whatever you are hunting. The use of Trail cameras is a must and in many cases can help reduce wasted time in the field.

You have probably found my website because you have been looking for information about a specific trail camera to help you with your hunting game. Trail Cameras are an amazing tool that have become a must have for any hunter.

Whether you’re just be looking for general information about trail cameras or how to improve the way you use them, We have something for everyone.

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What ever the reason is, you have come to the right place as this site is packed with reliable, well researched, helpful informational articles and reviews. Our aim is to help you with everything from picking out the right trail camera for you to how to use them to bag the mature buck. We are not trying to sell you anything, We’ll just give you the facts and were to find more.

Trail cameras make for an indispensable tool on your hunting expeditions so if you are looking for trail camera reviews to help you find the the best trail camera, our ratings and buyer guide can help you find the perfect trail cam for your need!

Trail cameras lend an edge to the whole experience of the hunt. A number of cameras with incredible features are available in the market. The entire process of choosing and buying an appropriate game camera can be exhaustively overwhelming especially if you are buying them for the first time.

Deciding on the functionality that are required, the ones that are not so important, and then fitting it all in a budget is a huge project in itself. Buying a Trail camera needs a very careful thought out decision, especially when you consider the cost of trail cameras on Today’s market.

One decision will determine your future expenditure on accessories, maintenance and power backups as well. Trail Camera Logic will help you in understanding and prioritizing your expectations from the camera; so that you are loaded with all the information before you step into the store to make that purchase.

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Jeff Hesketh

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